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13-Jan-2018 04:58

Located within the force CID structure, the Programme comprises a specially trained team of a Detective Inspector, two Detective Sergeants and a Detective Constable.

In addition the Programme can call upon a pool of trained Support Officers.

While there are important limitations with these data, the exercise found: I was getting a lot of threats and someone had already tried to knock me down in a car.

I had my windows smashed and my name splashed across walls in spray paints that I was a 'grass'.

Known as the Witness Protection Programme (hereafter referred to as the Programme), it aims to provide a level of protection which is capable of withstanding determined attempts to endanger the safety of witnesses subject to life-threatening intimidation.

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The costs for individual cases can vary greatly depending on factors such as whether the witness has a family which also needs protecting, a witness's standard of living, and the nature of the threat against the witness.Accurately measuring the problem of witness intimidation, however, is extremely difficult.

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