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Did you know that prior to becoming a Holy Place to Catholics in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, the shrine in Portugal was a holy place to Muslims who used to make pilgrimages there in honor of Muhammads daughter, Fatima.

At the time of the ancient writing, the Sun dropped to its farthest southern point in the ecliptic and was connected by the ancients to the constellation, The Southern Cross on December 21st, the day when there is more darkness then any other.

Despite all this diligent research, not one site was identified that could correspond to the Biblical picture.

In an article in Ha'aretz newspaper, Ze'ev Herzog a professor at Tel Aviv University argued that the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were not given on Mt Sinai and Joshua never conquered the land of Israel.

The bordering municipalities are Buseto Palizzolo, Paceco, Trapani, Valderice and Custonaci.

Why that is important is because the Bible positions the 12 tribes around the tabernacle which is the temple, which is the brain and the 12 constellations around the Sun which symbolically is the Christ.Thus Gabriel blowing the final trumpet simply means that the inner impulse, or photon, will bring forth harmony to our lives to rid us of the chaos that we have been subjected to through the lower elements.If the Biblical furnace is the Fornix of the brain and the constellation Fornax in the sky, then can we not consider that the Biblical Lion is the Pineal Gland of the brain whose sign is Leo, and Supernova 1987a the Pineal in the sky?Casa Santa forms part of Erice at the base of Mount Erice, immediately adjacent to Trapani.

A cable car joins the upper and lower parts of Erice.In meditation allow the energy to rise up the 7 nerve centers of the spine, and when that occurs the pineal will light (that's the shout,) and the wall separating you from the supreme light on the right side falls.

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