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07-Aug-2017 18:05

It is funny that I was able to prowl through tony Wychmere unmolested, but I got asked to leave Fish Island.

Scituate Sort of like “sit chew it,” but not really.

Woburn The “o” is pronounced exactly like the “u” is pronounced in “tuba,” because… Haverhill More “shave” than “have.” A rare pronounced R sound in a Massachusetts town name.

Cotuit “O” as “uh,” then the last part of “.” Yes, the “o” is a “u” sound and the “u” is an “oo” sound.

It fools people who try to fake a Boston accent by dropping every “r.” The actor who portrayed Cliff Clavin would have Jacksonian seizure if “Truro” came up mid-sentence on the teleprompter. A little wiggle in the storm track could make it miss us, or make it hit us with more snow, or even make it rain like a wealthy strip club patron.

Amherst No “H.” Acushnet “A cushy net,” minus the “y.” The town seems to be named after a hammock. There is another chance of some sort of stormy weather in the middle/end of next week, as a low pressure system will be operating offshore. One of the common local myths circulating around any town in Massachusetts comes to life every time someone says “No town in Massachusetts has more liquor stores than (insert his town here).” I have heard the term ascribed to Provincetown, Worcester, Amherst, Winthrop, Scituate, Clinton, Bridgewater, Marshfield and a dozen other towns.

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Opinions vary wildly, and this is probably one of those articles where I’ll get told to eff off in the comments section. I will say that there are different lists with different criteria. That title is shouldered by a heavily Irish population base, an unmatched pile of college kids, a nice flow of business travel, long suffering Red Sox fans, a solid nightlife industry and did I mention the Irish? As for pronouncing Duxbury, some people pronounce the end sort of like “berry,” and some say it sort of like the last part of Kitty Purry. I threw this article up on the Eastham FB page, and there is some debate ongoing. It is tied very heavily into how one pronounces I’m an Upper Cape guy, this is Outer Cape stuff, and I can’t be the one who makes the call.