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Four others reportedly joined in assaulting the officer. Bonds was currently on parole for a 2014 robbery in Syracuse. ' Officers caught up with Bonds about a block away and killed him when he pulled a revolver.He also had prior arrests for drug violations in 20. A silver revolver was recovered from the scene, police said.But now a few young parents are bringing their families back to this frigid frontier.Nearly 1,900 miles northwest of Denmark lies Greenland, the world’s largest island and an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Still, there are a few who choose to go back to Greenland, to fight against these issues — like Georgine Graversen and Sussi Wille Broge.

Greenland has about 56,000 residents, but this number shrinks by an average of 350 people every year.

Many leave to go live in Denmark, where they find greater economic opportunity. Research studies have reported that while almost all of them miss Greenland, fewer than one-third consider going home.

The girls tell their grandparents about their new life here in Nuuk, about school and new friends.

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Sussi missed the Greenlandic tradition of “kaffemik” while living in Denmark.

He had a history of criminal convictions and made his hatred for police clear in anti-cop messages posted on social media.

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