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Someone i can talk to Someone that'll listen Someone i can share it all with Have a ball with, hate to separate from Ain't another like this one[verse 2]I'm well aware that we're a pair that's supposed to be...

everyday you are[verse 1]I got a song i wanna sing to my number one fan Plan to put a ring on it as soon as i can What i mean is that i don't want you to have to worry about nothing babe (nothing babe)I'm tryna set it out for my lady I know you know i love you but i wanna say it again Let you know i'm down with you girl 'til the end But sometimes i feel you think i don't appreciate it So every song that says "i love you" i wanna dedicate it to my...[hook]Girlfriend wifey my boo you are everything (yes you are, yes you are)Girlfriend wifey my boo you are everything (yes you are, yes you are)See i call you my best friend What's the definition?

Trey Songz Freestyle The Ladies Choice Released: 2007 Hosted By: DJ Finesse Tracklisting 01.

Look At Her Remix (w/ One Chance, Bobby V & Lloyd) 26.

BK to VA Blocks (with Flawless) Up South: The 804 Boyz Released: 2006 Hosted By: DJ Smallz Tracklisting 01.

Three albums in and Trey Songz still sounds like he was raised in a bizzaro land where all music was based on the teachings of R. From his cool delivery to his unashamed lyrics -- first line on the album: "This one here's a panty dropper" -- he's a time-warp version of Kelly, one just entering his mid-twenties with a more excusable, though just as excessive, horniness. Everybody Say (Featuring MIKEx ANGEL & Dave East) 03.