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The mechanical pieces were probably incorporated into the Bantam Mark II's that were then in production.

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The first 25,808 Willys MBs used a welded steel grille very similar to the Ford GP design, and there were a host of other differences from the later Willys.

The Quads have all since disappeared, but one lasted long enough to be photographed in the early 1950's.

If Bantam Number One marked the beginning of the Jeep era, the Quad marked the beginning of Willys' dominance of the series.

By no means a direct and total history, just a better way to identify jeeps.

1940 Bantam Pilot Using the term that has become generic in the English language, this is the undisputed first "jeep." Built by the American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania, it was delivered to Camp Holabird, Maryland, on September 23, 1940.

As Lend-Lease requirements increased and the Willys design was finalized for mass production, more GP's were ordered and Ford ended up building 4,456 units, most of which went to Lend-Lease.