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Play 2016 international football including the Euro Cup, Copa America and the World Cup. Playing tennis is so much fun with lots of power ups and funny transformations, like your opponent will ...

Heads Arena Euro Soccer is a new football game here on Super games Euro 2016 is starting soon! Select you favourite country and get ready to compete in Heads Arena Euro Soccer... The Wild West Boxing Tournament has created hundreds of champions over the years.

Try your hand at this sporty matching game and see if you have what it takes to take your team to ...

You're the MVP of the world's best soccer team, and you and your teammates are preparing for another season of sweeping victories.

Merge into the whirlwind of broken axles, twisted frames, and torn out transmissions in this all-out auto brawl!

Drive through this mess of twisted metal as the elements pour down on each of these...

The best laid shot is always screwed up by tires, wooden boxes, and moving two by fours.

Take your BMX ride through the urban winter environment and perform daring tricks for the maximum adrenaline rush. Drive the monster trucks of Batman, Superman and Hulk in Gotham city. Will you join cute Little Red Riding Hood on her adventure through the forest that she has to cross on her way to her dear old granny's house?Physics, grace, grit and a lot of team work are what you'll need to kick your way through this platform based sports puzzler.Use your fancy footwork to skillfully sink the ball into net after net,... With sugar cubes fighting donuts, and chocolate fountains beating back the waves of waffle cones, you never know which sweet treat is going to end u...The rolling snowball is curving and splitting off in a variety of directions in this ski slope full of rolling and splitting snowballs.

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It's a smart way to control an enormous field of pinballs an...Help her spot and pack in her basket all those foodies...