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I have talked about this in the past but there is a webpage that claims that Reese (Justin Berfield) from Malcolm in the Middle is gay.

You have to really read the webpage to see all of the work this guy put into connecting Hayden Christensen, Trevor Blumas, Justin, and Aaron Carter to being gay.

More TV appearances followed in Hardball, The Boys Are Back, The Mommies (1994–1995).

His first long-running TV role was as Ross Malloy in Unhappily Ever After (1995–1999), in which he notched up 100 episode appearances.

CHRISTOPHER MASTERSON (Francis), actor Craig has had quite the transformation – just check his Twitter page for more examples.

He has also suffered from health issues, and had a 'mini-stroke' in late 2012, followed by a second a year later.2.Jane won many plaudits for the role including SEVEN Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations (but no win, for shame).Justin Berfield is best known for playing the trouble-making brother Reese -- opposite Frankie Muniz as his on-screen brother Malcolm -- in the long-running funny family show, "Malcolm in the Middle." Guess what he looks like now!Well, today's news story shows that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have sold their "Newlywed" home to 19 year old Justin Berfield.

This was confirmed by a press release from Lachey/Simpson publicist and repeated by the publicist for Justin, Hope Diamond.

He went on to appear in 20 other nationally broadcast American commercials as a young child.