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The sound moves west, following a line of woods one hundred yards distant and not nearly distant enough. While larger specimens reside in the Adirondacks; the smaller New Jersey coyotes typically weighs thirty-five to forty-five pounds.

Their myopia stems in part from coyote's resemblance to a shy dog.

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Of the vocal group that has staked a claim along Lamington Road, he says only "they've been behaving themselves. They're not causing any problem, like bothering livestock or chasing pets or people." He pauses. In the spring, when they've denned up, coyotes will protect their territory.

They might cede part of their range ­ a yard ­ to a large dog, but small dogs run the risk of being attacked.

"No doubt they were coyotes," says Tom Mc Fadden, Outdoor Recreation Planner at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, the next day. Remarkably, few people notice the wild canine in their midst.

The raucous animals move on, leaving behind a profound silence and the question of their existence. In northern New Jersey, the most concentrated populations have been found in Sussex county and the western halves of Passaic, Morris and Warren counties.

If the animal kingdom teaches us anything, it is that beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. The adults will settle into a den, where anywhere from four to eight pups bound forth in the spring. Laughing uneasily, the listeners climb hastily into their cars and drive off. Over thirty years New Jersey's coyote population has grown exponentially, from less than 100 to an estimated 3,000 animals. The Eastern Coyote (Canis latrans var) has been spotted in every county in the state.Both Pennsylvania and New York estimate their coyote population at about 30,000 animals: 30,000 wily, highly adaptable, long-ranging animals.

Increasingly comfortable with humans and not averse to travel, coyotes have swum to islands off Massachusetts. Northern New Jersey must have been a no-brainer, like falling in love with the attractive neighbor.

If the theory proves accurate, the Eastern coyote sprang from a truly dysfunctional relationship.