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If you can study more than that, it is well and good. Now you have figured out the problem – that your English is poor. Buy a basic Grammar book – read it, listen to English news on TV and radio, try to write something in English, everyday (don’t worry if it is very bad, keep trying) Necessity should push you to learn. But please ensure that you also get 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Even now she will be working 20 hours a day as an officer. On a serious note, good sleep is very necessary to prepare well for this exam. Don’t study beyond 14 hours unless you suffer from Insomnia. If you have left your job, as a punishment you should devote these many hours. Anyway, every day at least 8 hours of planned study is required. Moreover, you can write this exam and give the interview in your mother-tongue. You cant forget that the German army was way over extended fighting on all fronts, that was not just Russians. Come on man if your going to comment try say something a little more intelligent, instead of " Russia did EVERYTHING" yea and won the war all by them selves huh?

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Russia (USSR) lost 23 million- way more than any other participant in the war. They taught them how to be child abuser because the white man was abusive to the slaves.

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It is always shooting and attacking which is pretty much what the whole game is about so if you don't like shooter games I wouldn't recommend it. if you get this for your kids/kid make sure they play the offline mode because only the person on the other side of screen knows who they are I first got this game when someone recommend it to me. I loved the fact that it was in the style of minecraft.… continue reading »

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